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Phentermine HCL is also known by various names such as Obenix, Lonamin, Obermine, Adipex-P, Obestin-30 and Phentrol. It's an effective medicine that is being used since early sixties for losing exces weight and is highly popular around the world. It has been authorized by FDA.

Phentermine HCL can be used with overall diet plan to reduced excess weight and helps in suppressing your appetite. You will eat less and burn more fat leading to rapid weight loss. Phentermine influences the functioning of hypothalamus gland of the brain. It inhibits the transmission of neurotransmitters leading your brain to believe that your are indeed full. This will suppress your appetite and your body will burn more fat.

You should take Phentermine HCL on empty stomach around two hours before your breakfast. Take it according to the dose prescribed by the manufacturer or your doctor. Your body would take few days to get accustomed to the medicine. During this short period, you might experience symptoms such as irritability, soar throat, constipation and improper sleep.

When you are taking Phentermine, you should avoid other weight loss pills. You should also keep in mind that Phentermine HCL is not a substitute for your diet. You will get much faster results if you reduce intake of fatty foods and increase your consumption of green vegetables and fruits. It is important to avoid juices as they are high on calories. If you miss any dose, you should simply forget that. Avoid taking double dose the next time.

Mostly, Phentermine HCL is effective in shedding extra weight within a short time. At best, treatment with Phentermine should last around six months. Doctors do not prescribe Phentermine for pregnant ladies or all those who suffer from hypertension. Long term usage should also be avoided as Phentermine is very addictive and might lead to depression.

Phentermine is not meant for reducing just three or four pounds of weight. It would show excellent results if you are around thirty percent overweight according to height-weight ratio. You can get Phentermine HCL in the form of capsules as well as pills. Mostly, the dosage is three tables a day two hours before your breakfast. Your treatment period will depend on your extent of obesity, age, and physical characteristics. You should store Phentermine at a moisture free and dry place. Order diet pills from reputable pharmacy.

If you are suffering from thyroid disorders, high blood pressure or diabetes, you should avoid Phentermine HCL. Pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers should take Phentermine only after consulting the doctor. Children below the age of 16 should also avoid this medicine.

There are numerous ways to procure phentermine. You can buy it from the medical stores or online stores. The best thing about online stores is that you can get money saver deals and can order right from the comforts of your home. When taking Phentermine, you should also do regular exercises to get faster results.

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